Thursday, November 15, 2007

GRA Round 4

GRA Round 4, it was time to put the gloves on once again. Everyone was eagerly waiting for their turn to set a time on the course. The morning session for the Grass Class was pretty interesting as the course setup was a smooth flowing high speed course. A small accident occured just before lunch time and thank god the driver is OK. Bravo to the marshalls who helped out and to everyone else who provided a helping hand. Organizers introduced a new timing system that uses a infra red beam to activate the timer, so no more 3,2,1, GO starts. Drivers were given 15 seconds to start off once the Green light is on which signals the course is clear.

Pro Grass started a little behind time but everything was running smoothly once it got underway. After practice and 2 timed runs the much expected rain just poured down and took about 1 hour to clear. The course was pretty much slippery everywhere and it was definately fun having to drive the course in the wet. I didn't do very well in the wet as I was caught out by some oil patches on the surface and made donuts instead, lol. YS Khong did what he did best on the slippery surface going sideways FAST!

All in all the event went smoothly despite another incident where an MRS actually jumped the curb and went over the drain. The car was pretty much stuck in across the drain and it took alot of strong drivers to carry big slabs to lay it down as a bridge.

Can't wait for the next one on December 16th 2007.

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