Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November - 3rd Weekend

Sweetie had to make the trip up this weekend because I had training for the past 3 days and a BBQ to attend, Zoey came along too. After setting up Zoey's play pan we headed out for a movie, watched midnight screening of Beowulf.

We went up to Alor Setar to visit her parents and allow Zoey to play with Rufus and Momo. It was interesting to see how she reacted to the other dogs and how they reacted with a new comer. As expected the 2 older dogs were a little jealous of the new pup in roaming around the house. For lunch we had Kenny Rogers, it's been a while since I've had KR, the chicken and muffins are still as good the last time I had them. After a couple of hours we zoomed back to the island and headed straight to the BBQ venue. Introduced my work colleagues to Sweetie and lil' Zoey who remained uninterested and quiet the whole time we were there. Got home around 9:30pm and we all decided to just stay at home to rest and play with the lil' one because she became active again once she stepped foot on familiar grounds.

Sunday morning, sweetie decided to go have brunch at Copthorne Hotel that serves chinese style broth. Price was around 12++ and the food was pretty good. After that we hanged out at Gurney for a couple of hours and finally getting a 5x5 rubiks cube for dad's birthday present. Lol. Later that evening Sweetie had a tummy ache from something that she might have eaten, she decided to stay another night and take medical leave the following day and went back on Tuesday morning at 3am. Salute!

Was a good good weekend.

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