Monday, November 26, 2007

..the long weekend.. November 4th Weekend

Some people just don't know how to appreciate other people's time. This is a case of miscommunication and not being responsible enough.

I was suppose to attend training for this particular subject. So like always I get up, make myself coffee and have some biscuits to much on before leaving to the training center. But when I arrived, I found out that the training was actually postponed till sometime around January 2008!. Then I ask myself, how did I miss out news of it being postponed. I looked at my emails over and over again, I didn't find anything informing me about it being postponed. "How did this happen?" I ask myself. Since I had nothing else to do I went home and decided to just drive south to see my 2 gals and spend the rest of the week there. What I'm actually pissed off at is the fact that the training was suppose to be 6 days and split over 2 weeks. The week before on Friday, while I was driving some arse decided to rear end my car in a bumper to bumper jam! I wasted time going to the police station to submit my reports and all that crap. Spend another extra day to get a report that was not ready and another day to collect the report that was printed WRONGLY!

Sooo, I made the trip down south. Met up Sweetie and we spent most of the time at home playing with Zoey. On Friday I picked her Cousin up from the bus stop and took them out to see the nightlife. Went to Velvet Underground at Zouk and met up with some other friends. We had some beers, white wine and some shots of what I think tasted like appletinis! After that we headed for some roti canai at SS15. The next day we all went out for lunch at the Curve for Pancakes and in the evening we dropped Sweetie cousin and bf at KLIA.

On Sunday we joined up with the gang and drove ourselves to Sepang Circuit to watch the A1 GP. It's was nice to hear the roar of those racing cars zoom by. The 2.4 V8 engines are pretty loud. Our very own Alex Yoong representing M'sia finished 9th in the Sprint race and 14th in the Feature race. Met up with the gang later at McD's Centerpoint to have something to eat before heading home to rest. I left for PG around 3am and arrived at around 6+am and now I'm just sleepy! I miss my 2 gals very much. ;)


Ros said...

aiyah....forgot to ask if u had a Velvety nite....who else went?

Andy Kow said...

clement joined up. the rest of the gang stayed at home i guess.