Monday, March 03, 2008

Budget Flights

Budget airlines, they don't offer the best of the best but they sure stand out in the crowd. Recently I've been flying up and down from PG to KL and back, this is so I can actually save some money on gas. So cheap rates was crucial when I was looking to book a flight. Only 2 budget airlines are available, Air Asia and Fire Fly.

Fire Fly
Last weekend was my first flight from PG to KL with Fire Fly. I've got to say that service was friendly and everything went smoothly, no delays. Tickets were also cheap ar RM8.88 without the tax. Best thing about this airline is that they land at the old Subang Airport, which is about 10 mins away from sweetie's house. Despite the slight jam after arrival, everything else was just great. The only thing that might be a problem for people with claustrophobia in the plane. It is the smallest plane that is used in Malaysia as transport, they have 2 seats on each side. The planes they use are the Fokker 50 . Although they are running with 2 propellers the noise is acceptable inside the plane, I was sitting just behind the left engine which was a nice view. I could see the landing gear and even managed to see how the tires held up on landing. Overall I was happy with the flight although sometimes the ticket prices can be a little ridiculous. If I'm not mistaken the plane flies at about 450km/h.

Air Asia
This was the first and most successful budget airline in M'sia. The furthest I've flow with them is to Bali. Took about 3 hours in total flight time. The service is also friendly and they have cheap tickets, even on a high priced day the tickets are still reasonable. I'm pretty sure the planes they use are Boeing 737, which are slowly being upgraded to the Airbus 320. 3 seats on each side of the aisle with pretty comfy seats. They are also the official airlines for Manchester United Football Club, I'm not much of a football fan but I do root for Manchester United. Hehe. Air Asia do provide food if you order it. Tid bits are and soft drinks are also purchasable, personally I think the prices for the tid bits and soda drinks are just crazy! RM5 for a coke? Holy Cow! But that's just business, people still do purchase it. One of the downside to Air Asia is the delays, I was delayed 1 hour last weekend but 1 hour isn't so bad. There have been stories of longer delays by some of my friends. Another downside is the Terminal which is located at SEPANG! that's far far away from Subang. Takes about 30-40 mins drive depending on the speed to get there. The bigger planes means they are faster too, traveling at 840km/h. Woohoo!

Note that landing in the Wet is kinda dangerous, I'm sure the pilots are experienced enough to land the plane on a rainy day. I did feel the plane loosing grip for a second on landing, which was pretty scary. LoL.

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