Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Xbox 360 Reloaded

After my recent experience with the 3ROD issue on the 360, I looked high and low for a fix that did NOT require a motherboard replacement which would cost RM450 and months to repair. So here's what I found out from the internet.

It seems that the heatsink clips that hold the heatsink in place is the major problem. For more details :

Anyways after doing the research I stumbled across this forum and they have a forum where Xbox 360 owners talk about almost anything, so the 3ROD issue was a pretty common topic. It seems that there are some guy out there who can fix the 3ROD problem with replacement washers, although it isn't a 100% fix it does work.

I contacted a guy named Virgil who is located somewhere in PJ. He managed to get it fixed and running after 3 days!. Kudos! The best only cost RM100. Like I mention, it isn't a 100% fix and there are cases where the 3ROD still came back. So another workaround is assist cooling the 360 when it is in use. I'll update photos of the 2 Computer Chassis fans that I managed to put together that helps cooling the 360 a little later.

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