Sunday, April 13, 2008

GRA Round 1 2008

It's back! GRA has done it once again and managed to pull off a good show this time around. Round 1 was held at Shah Alam once again, but this year there are lots of different competitors. In the Novice class there were alot of new comers and few seasoned drivers. It was fast and furious in Pro Class where all the seasoned drivers are.

Sweetie managed to get on the podium in her Automatic Kelisa, beating alot of manual and automatic 1.3 and 1.6 liter cars. Yay!. It was tough competition for her as she was placed in Class A instead of AA, but she drove with confidence taking smooth and clean lines in the course and finishing 11th out of 20 cars overall.

the dolphin car did well, yay!

In Pro Class, the one and only person to beat is Ivan "DarkHelmet" Khong who has been dominating the event and was last year's champion. Alot of fast cars are in the OD category and with the return of the Lotus Elise cars the competition was tougher. I managed to finish 2nd in my class and 2nd overall out of 40 competitors. The first Subaru 1-2 on the podium for the 2 G cars.

Ivan literally smoked the competition

Mickey Teoh in his MR2 had some car trouble and did not finish all his runs. Julian Pang on the other hand didn't really bring his Mojo along with him this round but still managed to finish on the podium.

Hope to do well in Round 2 which is in June.

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