Wednesday, April 09, 2008

why don't they understand?

It's werid, I support these people who are suppose to understand english because it is their number 1 language. But unfortunately for me there are some of these tech-savvy idiots who, i guess don't understand english at all or they are just too technical to grasp the simplicity of the problem. Here's how the conversation went:

Tech-Savvy Idiot : Hi, I got this problem. We purchased a brand new computer from your company but we are having problems installing the Operating System. I personally have tested a couple of times and when it is setting up it gets a Blue Screen. I have also tried to change the Drive settings in the BIOS and still the same thing happens. Older models seem to be working fine when I try to install the same thing. So what's going on?

Me : Thanks for the info. Now what Operating System are you trying to install?

Tech-Savvy Idiot : Windows NT

Me : I'm sorry, did you say Windows NT?

Tech-Savvy Idiot : Yup, we're trying to get that installed

Me : Tech-Savvy Idiot, you do know that Windows NT is obsolete and does not ship with our new computers

Tech-Savvy Idiot : Yes I know that but we have to use it in our office

Me : Our computers were tested with only the current and latest Operating Systems and the reason you're getting issues with Windows NT is because it doesn't have the proper drivers to work with the new system.

Tech-Savvy Idiot : I'm sure something can be done....

The conversation continued with more technical talk, but here's the thing. I'm pretty sure you understood what I wrote down, but unfortunately this guy doesn't want to give up!

Such a simple problem made into a bigger one, maybe it's because they live too far down south that it effected their thinking capabilities. I dunno, I'm kinda sick of these kinda people. *grr*

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