Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A good deed....

When sweetie started working at the new store, we noticed a really fat dog that was named Harmony. At that time she was under the care of the guard that the company hires. Recently there were complaints by the building management saying that other tenants don't like these stray dogs lying around. The fact is these stray dogs don't do anything except sleep and take shelter there from the rain. Other tenants don't even mind giving these dogs some leftovers.

A couple of weeks ago the management took action and hired lawyer to send a warning letter to the guard asking him to get rid of Harmony or further action will be taken. Poor Harmony was taken away to PAWS which is our local dog pound. I felt bad for Harmony and so did sweetie, so we discussed about taking her in and we decided to go ahead with doing just that.

Yesterday I managed to get her transported from the pound to our house, thank you to Ian for loaning his van. This girl is fat! and would be tough to transport her in a car. Anyways I'll upload more photos as soon as I can.

Here's the most recent photo of her

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