Thursday, November 06, 2008

Update 2 : GRA Round 4 2008

Yup it's that time once again. Round 4 of 5, the championship gets tighter and hotter. This time around it was back in Shah Alam car park and when I mentioned that it was hot it was really really HOT. The weather now a days seems to be getting worse day by day. On this day it was almost unbearable. Lucky us for bringing a Coleman icebox with lots of ice and a towel to drench it in.

So the day started as usual with briefing and a course walk, I helped sweetie through the course on what to do in a Manual Kelisa, yup..after accident I managed to get an old friend of mine Alven who loaned his car. The event started with the Grass Class.

Sweetie finished in 1st in her class, woohoo! This is her 1st win in her Autocrossing carrear. Later on in the afternoon the Pro Grass Class started, Sifu Ivan car didn't make it in time for this round so I loaned him Suby and we went on to pressure each other. Pressuring each other wasn't part of the deal but when you get in the zone, sometimes you tend to forget you're not under pressure. We went on with making mistakes untill our 2nd time run when we got to see the results, it wasn't untill then that we really got down to business and started to really do some driving.

I finished 2nd behind sifu Ivan who was faster. It was good to see that my car can preform as good as it is being much slower than his car.

Post event interview!

Suby in one of her runs

Yes cones were knocked and killed

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