Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Update 1 : Thank God

Ever thought that something bad won't happen to you? I'm sure everyone would think so, well until something bad does happen. This particular event occurred last week, as me and sweetie were driving our own cars and heading home, at a traffic just before home we stopped at a red light. We were side by side and I was hand signaling her that I would go fill my car up with gas as she acknowledge a car from behind rear ended her and both cars went forward and this caused a chain reaction which caused a 4 car pile up accident. It took me a full 3 seconds for me to register what happen right in front of my eyes as it happened! I then fumbled to look for my hazard lights and got out of the car heading for the car which hit sweetie's car, as I opened the car door I nearly reached in to pull him out so I could whack the heck out of him, but instead I made sure he wasan't going anywhere then ran over to sweetie's car. She was in a slight daze as she didn't know what just happened. The guy who hit her came over and I just went on a rage of words, cursing and giving him a piece of my mind for causing this mess. Neither Sweetie nor I heard any screeching sounds before impact, the guy was looking shocked and stunned and worried about his car, I gave him another piece of my mind followed by sweetie after she saw the damage that was caused to her car. All this had to happen 3 days before GRA Round 4! Just bad, bad luck.

Thanks to Ian for providing a contact for a tow truck. Alan the tow truck guy assisted us to get the car on his flat bed truck and we headed to the police station to make a report.

The following day I took sweetie to get some paperwork sorted out and also to take some photos of the car in day light. But I thank god that no one got hurt in this incident. But I wished the guy who caused this just went to Hell.

Check the other postings for photos.

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