Thursday, March 12, 2009


I was wondering what the hype was about when they were advertising the movie Watchmen. I did some checking online and I thought it would be a weird movie. But after watching it, I has changed the way I look at it. No doubt the movie has great colors, costumes and interesting characters. But the storyline was interesting, although with quite a lot of conversations but all of them important.

What really caught my attention in the movie was the storyline. After reading most of the Civil War series that Marvel created a couple of years back, the Watchmen storyline was similar but it had a certain twist to the movie which made it interesting. Personally I haven't read all the Watchmen comics yet, but I'm dying to get my hands on the now.

A must watch for any comic fan.

Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 10/10


Rocky said...

I don't see this mivies

Rosalind said...

this movie is oh so super awesome!!!
the storyline, the filmotography is very very nice.....

James said...

my fave graphic novel. imagine this movie was said to be out since 2006! The dialoges in the movie is spot on with the comic, only a certain Rorschach scenes are cut short :-(