Sunday, June 21, 2009

Top Gear Go-Kart Challenge 2009

I was asked by my good friend Alex to take part as a team mate in this event. It was quite a fun event despite some delays. So just before the official start time it rained and that made the track very very wet, we went out after the rain stopped with wet tires. Later on came the qualifying sessions, when it was my turn to qualify I had to go out on a wet track with a kart that can't turn left without under steering, but I managed to finish 5th out of 10 karts. Alex had an opportunity to drive on a dry track and he finished 2nd. After lunch we were ready to head home but we found out that we actually qualified for the finals!

So 20 drivers raced wheel to wheel and they used the qualifying time to place the drivers on the grid, so having qualifying in the wet I was placed last on the grid. I was lucky to get a kart what felt really responsive and turned well. Everyone lined up for the rolling start and once the green flag was waved it was pure adrenaline, I tried some overtaking maneuvers but held back because of the traffic. In lap 2 I managed to overtake some drivers and while doing so I noticed a kart that had spun at the side of the track facing the wrong direction, it was Alex. He was doing quite well and just too bad he made a small mistake. I continued on and at the start of the 3rd lap I managed to overtake a couple of karts who were defending themselves. I then came up to a kart which was driving quite defensively after 2 laps of putting pressure from the rear he clipped the tire wall at the s-curve and his kart went airborne and landed right in the middle of the track and just 4 feet from me, so I had to take evasive action so I don't T-bone him. *Phew* that was a close call indeed. After overtaking another 2 karts I was in a battle with a kart and we exchanged places a couple of times till the end of the race, alas he did beat me just by 1 second.

Overall it was a fun event and it was my first time racing with so many people in a session. Congratulations to the winners who walked away with prizes worth RM5,000! which included 2 Tag Hauer watches. Well, there's always next year :)

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