Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Jusco Mid Valley

I'm kinda annoyed with my experience while shopping in Jusco Mid Valley today. First off let me mention that whenever I go into Jusco I don't feel welcomed, the sales people just wander around doing their own thing and they don't look enthusiastic. From what I see, there are staff that are stocking up stuff, some doing some paper work and some who are playing solitaire on the computer, yup! this one person with his computer monitor facing the open area where customers walk by...was playing solitaire!. The reason I took notice of this is when I went in to buy a lamp and there was nobody at the lighting department. How is a customer suppose to know which bloody box that particular light is stored at? So I approached one of the people around the counter and asked for help, they seem to look around for another person who they managed to call out to. This lady attended to me and said the stock is out, well since that's the case I opted to take the display unit. Now the lady looked confused and acted as if she can't sell the product without the stupid box!. She then made a call and confirmed something with somebody over the phone then told me to come back at 4pm when the lighting sales girl is around. I was okay to come back later.

But here's what pissed me off. When I was there earlier I wanted a white colored desk lamp which looked pretty cool. So as I arrived at the lighting department I looked over to the shelf that had the white desk lamp...IT WAS GONE!!!. I went on to look for the sales girl I was suppose to see and I asked her "where is the white color lamp, was it sold?" She looked puzzled! I guided her to the shelf and asked her "where is the white display unit?" Now she looked even more puzzled and said "I didn't notice it was gone". WTH!!!!. I was pissed! I wanted to see the manager but I told myself that it wouldn't do any good. In the end I opted for a silver display unit and when we got to the counter the sales girl was asking one of the counter people if anyone bought a white one and how did they pay for it since the correct procedure is to record down the detail and price before bringing it to the counter. Guess what, the counter didn't have the receipt for that white one!

What that tells me is that I could have bought the bloody white desk lamp when I was there the first time and the person who attended to me was just too f-ing lazy to do the paper work! I'm not sure if this would ever get to the Jusco management but I hope the are able to read this post. I'm pretty sure I will lodge a customer complaint with them soon when I figure out who to direct the complaint to.

So the next time I see something that I like and there isn't anymore stock, I'll just take it from the shelf and if it breaks or anything it won't be my fault because there isn't anyone around who is able to assist me anyways.

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