Monday, November 16, 2009

Shopping in IKEA

This trip to IKEA sweetie and me actually bought stuff! We had this plan to make some more space in the house, this is a 2 year plan I might add hehehe. Got rid of the huge 6 person dining table in the living area and moved the piano out from hiding. Got a nice coffee table and computer table for the desktop computer, plus a book case, finally a place for the books!. Everything looks much tidier now and we're working on cleaning up the store room now, which I might double up as a tiny studio to do some photography. Photos will be posted a little later when I get around to take them. But here are the items we got :

1x Billy Bookcase
1x Lack NN Coffee Table
1x Vika Amon Table + 4x Vika Curry Legs
1x Not Floor Lamp
1 set Bulbs
1 set KALAS Plates

Total $490 MYR which isn't too bad, these items were definitely within our per-item budget cap. Putting these items together was pretty fun and sweetie enjoyed her time using pliers as a hammer to put some nails down. Zoey was just watching us from the couch, she occasionally came over to sniff around and check out how we did.

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