Friday, December 04, 2009

IKEA Continued...

Just after you think everything would go find out that something is wrong. Unfortunately it was an IKEA part which was a problem, plus upon unwrapping the coffee table, there were some chip and scratch marks, what was worst is that we discovered that there were no screws. So we decided to return the item, which was okay. The whole process of returning and getting another replacement unit took about 20 minutes.

We were happy with our new unit as we ensured that there were no scratches, chips and had all the screws and stuff.

Well....this time everything went well until we found out one of the screw mounts had no grooves to take the screw! Once again we headed back to get that small piece changed, but another issue arose. There are grooves in this screw mount, but the grooves are for the wrong type of screws! Apparently the guy who went in to get a replacement part didn't notice that there were markings on the screw mount.

Let's just say that until now we have an incomplete coffee table. I'm not pissed, but just a little dissapointed.

Time to get that part changed again.

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