Thursday, March 04, 2010

Australia - Perth Day 3

Started the day helping to prepare some half boiled eggs with toast as dad worked the frying pan and cooked sammor ham. Today we decided to head to Fremantle to check out some goodies at the local market. Thanks to the GPS phone that I brought along we managed to get there in about 30 minutes, parked the car and started taking photos as we headed to EShed Market. This is where we spent most of the afternoon as we checked out almost every store. We did spend more time checking out the souvenir shop and the hat shop. Had a late lunch in the cafeteria before hitting the road again, on the way we stopped at supermarket called IGA to get more stuff for dinner. The meat section looks so good, dad decided to get rolled rib roast that will be oven cooked.

Got back around 6ish, once again our chef started preparing dinner, smoking up the entire apartment. Oven cooked rib roast with salad, mushrooms, carrots...yummy.

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