Thursday, March 11, 2010

Australia - Perth Day 5

Started the day early heading south towards Cohunu Park. We read about this park in a brochure and they have a lot of animals there and it's about 30-40 minutes from Perth. What really caught our attention about this park is that they have Koalas and sweetie really wanted to see them. We decided to pay a fee to carry them and take some photos. There was more to see around the park, as most of their livestock is allowed to roam around freely. Checked out some Kangaroos as they were laying down lazily in the shade, llamas roamed around too. There was this bird that could talk and do a trick by shoving its head into an empty can and walk around. After walking the entire park we continued our journey south.

We stopped to have lunch in Pinjarra, mum took this opportunity to check out the local bakery to inspect their bread. After anothe 3 hours of driving we arrived at our destination, a small town called Margaret River, Western Australia's Wine country. Picked up our keys to the apartment and did some shopping at the local grocer. I can understand why this part is wine country, it's cold at night, about 8-11 degrees Celsius is just nice for the vineyards. Town center is small, everything is just walking distance and across the road. Alot of surfers come here, the beach is just about 10 minutes drive, but during this time of the year the swells aren't big.

The apartment that dad booked was excellent! big and spacious with 2 rooms. It has everything, so we did our laundry and also cooked dinner here too. We did some research on what to check out here before heading to bed.

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