Monday, August 08, 2005

Clubbing Weekend

Hola everybody'!

It's Monday again. My body felt heavy, thinking of the day ahead makes my me want to cuddle and continue sleeping. Reached for the alarm clock which is ringing, 5:30am.

Here I am thinking about the weekend.

Funny I can't remember what happened on Friday, after work I was like, Woohoo! and everything seems like a blur. But anyways I think I remember Friday night. Went out to SS to party with Gene and his friends who had connections with the DJ who got us in free. After about 1 hour we decided to head for some food at Mamak. Rafees!

Did spring cleaning at Baby's place. Looks neater and cleaner now, isn't it? Keke. Then went shopping for house hold items with Baby and mum. Went looking for a fridge and single stove. But little did i know we were all just shopping and taking down prices and comparing the specs of these products. Lesson learnt from all this.

Later in the evening was clubbing again, this time Mambo in Gurney. Hip Hop mix with DJ Jakeman from was there to play some tunes. But I gota say his mixes were a bit weird, short fast and slow tempo almost at the same time. Nearly finished 1 jug of Carlsberg Beer. Felt a bit woozy after that. keke. Went with Gene and his 2 cousins from the UK. As usual I forgot their names.

After that went for food at Rafees again. Called it a night around 4am.

Woke up late and skipped breakfast. Baby bought me some Nasi Kandar for lunch. After that we went out looking for a fridge and stove. Finally bought the 2 important things that would complete the apartment. Baby seems soo hapi. LoL.

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