Monday, August 01, 2005

Tha' Weekend

Headed South to KL last weekend to sort some things out.

Work work work. Finished around 4pm and headed home to pack my stuff. Zipped off to pick my baby up and off we went. Driving in a Japanese made car which has a 1.6-liter engine giving out at least 100 horse powered car at the wheels. A Nissan Sentra. Which is 7 years old this year. Anyways it gets me from A to B at least. Started the journey at 7pm and arrived safely in KL around 10:30pm. Non-Stop trip from Penang to KL. My navigator seemed quite eager to get home this weekend to spend time with family and friends. Bunked and slept upon arrival.

Raised from the dead around 9am and took my time getting ready for the day. Left for YSKhong Workshop around 12pm. Met up with Ian and went off with him to check my car which is in the workshop. Sorted out the Celica engine problem. Left for dinner around 7pm. Went to PJ Old Town to have duck rice dinner. After dinner I just dropped and slept off.

Woke up around 7am for breakfast in Bangsar. Ate at Stroodles, they serve pastries for breakfast. They had a small western buffett breakfast too, I had that while baby had the a slice of Mango Stroodle. Mmmmm. Met up with Jeremy too. Had a nice chat till around 10am before we headed off. Then met up at 11am Bandar Utama with baby's group of friends for pizza lunch. After lunch we headed to The Curve next to Ikea. Window shopped a little here and there, left and packed. Started moving from KL around 7pm. Again a Non-Stop drive from KL to PG.

Phew. It's good to drive at night, not tiring.

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