Monday, August 29, 2005

Cookin' Times


After getting new "equipment" for the kitchen, we decided to put them to good use and cook dinner ourselves. Well not from scratch, we bought some pasta and sauce, so we had an italian fiesta. Lol. We also bought instant mash potato, which was suppose to be easy to make, I might have screwed up on how much water to put in cause it tasted bad. Oh well there is a first for everything.

Woke up early and headed for a team farewell lunch. It was at pizza hut. Nice to see the whole team out for lunch for a change. Everyday I see everyone staring into the monitor. Had most of the afternoon to myself then baby came around before we headed off to buy more "equipment" for the kitchen. One word...TEFLON! Made more pasta but baby added in mushrooms and luncheon meat. Mmmmm.

After doing some cleaning in the morning and having a late lunch from leftover dinner we made the day before and watching some ASTRO that will be offline starting next month, we went home and had a light dinner treat from mum. She cooked vege and stuff. So after sitting down and having nothing else to do I decided to watch a movie.

A Walk To Remember, my baby's all time favorite movie. Very nice movie, very touching. Some parts made me cry. I'd recommend this movie to couples and everyone else who has been in love. Cherish every moment with that person you love, you never know what's around the corner.

Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 9/10

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