Monday, August 22, 2005

Weekend in KL

As i was typing this blog, my computer froze twice and everything i typed was lost. I am retyping everything but it might not be the same. Gggrrrr! Arrgh!!

Woke up early to start the day as usual. Started at 6am and left the office around 5pm after my team meeting. Headed home to pack and prepare for the trip down. This time I had good company, baby and her friend Halley who stayed with us for 2 nights. He wanted to get away from the chaotic KL life he says. LoL. Started our journey around 7pm and arrived in KL at 11pm. With only one pit stop in Tapah to have dinner. Baby wanted to drive the rest of the way. Impressive.

Clock on my cellphone showed 11am. Planned to wake up early to meet some friends for breakfast, all down the drain. LoL. Got dressed and got a ride from baby to Times Square where I had a gathering to attend. Had lunch with Alex, Chee Fook, Weylen, Alexis & Justin at a
restaurant called City Gold. The gathering started around 1:30pm and ended at 11pm. Everyone started getting hungry again and we all went for supper at a nearby chicken rice shop for fried pork. Mmmm, fattening. Baby came over to pick me up and we headed home to call it a night.

Baby planned Dim Sum breakfast with her friends and I tagged along. Went to Chinatown to have breakfast. The food, terrible, baby didn't like it at all. That's what you getting used to Penang food. LoL. After breakfast we went to buy some stuff for our Penang friends, then sent everyone home. I wanted to go shopping at Mid Valley but the jam was terrible, we were lucky to avoid the jam. So we decided to head home to rest. I took a nap and woke up around 6pm when we packed and went for dinner at Subway. Cadet "Baby" Mel was at the wheel this time and she drove all the way back to Penang. Bravo. Impressive. We hit the highway at 8pm and arrived around 11:30pm.

Loves and Huggs (i know hug is spelled with 1 g. keke)

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* * sHeReNe * * said...

Finally.. a revelation.. baby and Andy sitting on a tree... you fill in the blanks!~! happy for the both of yoU!~