Sunday, January 01, 2006


Well it's 2006, a new year with lots to expect. I hope everyone has a new years resolution and I also hope ya'll make 'em true don't break 'em.
Here's a recap of what I did on the day before 2006:
Saturday 31st December 2005
Woke up a little late, trying suck up all the LAZYness for 2005. LOL. Then I can't really recall what I did before dinner. But anyways let's skip to dinner, roasted chicken with stuffing. Dad has found a way to make the chicken tender and I guess that'll be the style for future Roasting cause it's NICE!
After dinner I headed to The Flying Club in Sheraton Hotel. I met up with my high school friends again. We all ordered Buckets of Beer and drank till it was 2006. We left around 2:30am and took a breather at the hotel lobby before heading for Morning SUPPER. There is this indian store at Penang road which serves 'Tom Yam Maggie Mee Goreng' or Fried Tom Yam Noodles. Wow it's spicy but well worth it. After everyone was sober we all headed home in convoy, driving very safely below 100km/h. keke.

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