Wednesday, January 18, 2006

GRA Round 2 KLCC Car Park

Sunday 15th January 2006

Was quite a warm day at the start of the event. Lots of people took part. The tarmac was sandy and dusty with some parts wet by the overnight rain. Woha, I started late, arrived just in time for practice.

Alas I didn't do so good this time. Maybe it's because I didn't really prepare for the event. I didn't change engine oil or tires. *sigh*

But I still had fun on the couse trying lots of handbrake turns and oversteer power slides. It also rained in the evening before the 3rd run, so more handbrake slides. Wheeee!

I finished 10th or 12th place I think. hehe.

Gotta prep for Round 3.

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Katt said...

OMG!!! I Like This Pic!!! Who took it?