Tuesday, January 03, 2006

B'Fast & Celebrity Fitness

1st January 2006
Waking up early for breakfast really brings back memories when I was in High School and me and my friends did woke up early to grab breakfast before heading to play basketball in school. Wow those were the days.

Anyways I picked up the girls and headed to meet up with Stanley who lives nearby the shop. This place was packed, it's the only Dim Sum in that area and it was soooo popular. We also had lots to eat while drinking chinese tea.

Then later in the afternoon me and SK went to celebrity fitness in Gurney Plaza to check out the place and the membership price. I must say it's a nice place with a great location but the sales person wasan't really informative. I nearly joined but I had doubts cause I'm already attached to Fitness First which is a great place. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Well that's what I did with my holiday. It ended soo fast. :(

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* * sHeReNe * * said...

OOohh.. Gym goer... stay with Fitness First. One of my dear friends works there, so I am partial to root for FF!~ :P