Monday, December 03, 2007

November 5th Weekend

Went for paintball on Friday evening and now both my legs are killing me. Not that I'd want to complain, I should be more fit than that. Anyways, office peepz made arrangements for Paintball at PISA and as usual people arrived late so we started late and it's kinda sad that there isn't enough lighting in the Close Quaters arena. But it was definately fun, I think I got shot about 6-7 times in total over 5-6 rounds. Too bad it's an expensive hobby, all good hobbies are sadly :(

I rushed home to take a shower and was dropped at the bus station. Booked the 9pm bus to KL to see my gals. muaks. Just as the bus got moving we got stuck in a jam that linked 5 lanes into 2 lanes which merges into 1 lane before joining the bridge of 2 lanes. It's just ridicilious, took us 1 hour to get past that bottle neck and got moving. I arrived at KTM around 2:30am and both Sweetie and Zoey picked me up. I didn't have dinner before boarding the bus and what I had from the onboard trip wasn't enough, we decided to order McD's delivery and munched till around 4am.

Woke up around 8am to feed Zoey, she was kinda scratching the door and waiting to be let out of the room. LoL. She finished her food and went to wake Sweetie up as the maid arrived to clean the house. In the afternoon we headed to the workshop to check on Suby, the new heart transplant was nearly done. We had lunch and headed to a nearby pets store to get some things for Zoey. 2x Fences and a Hair Trimmer, yea Sweetie has decided to learn how to cut the fur on Zoey so we can save money on Grooming. After that we headed to Segambut to look at a Half Cut Shop for some Suby parts. We headed home after that and after a shower we set off to KL to the club at Heritage row, Maison. They had a model show there and GRA cars were there on show as VIP's. Had a couple of drinks before headed for late dinner/supper time with the gang.

A laaaazzzzyyy morning. But I had to get up, I went to buy a bus ticket back to PG. On the way I picked up a loaf of bread and decided to cook some eggs and have bfast at home. Sweetie woke up eventually for brunch. We lazed around sammor before heading out to the Curve where we had dinner at a Vietnamese restraunt. Time seems to pass much faster when you're having fun and it was time I had to leave once again.

I arrived home around 2am and went straight to bed..zzzzz.

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