Wednesday, December 19, 2007

GRA Round 5 2007 - Putrajaya

event in front of the Palace of Justice

Bigger and Better? No one thought it would be possible but it happened! GRA organizers Ian & Jiannin managed to pull off a street Auto-Cross event. Correct me if I'm wrong but it is the first street Auto-Cross I've taken part in. Started in the morning with Grass Class running where the novice drivers drove the wheels off their cars. Sweetie drove superbly in her Kelisa and finished 2nd in her class. Congratulations Sweetie.

sweetie in her Kelisa

It was suppose to according to the weather report, but it stayed dry and DARN HOT. Suby wasn't ready for action after the heart transplant and had to sit out this round. Sifu was kind enough to share his Big Red Chicken Wing with me so I could take part. Surprisingly I finished 3rd in class and Sifu bagged the championship by winning. There were more Subaru's around this time, 5 to be exact. I am expecting to see more next year :) Round 5 also marked the return of Hammond Lai who drove his Honda EK to victory and getting FTD and beating the Chicken Wing by just 0.02 seconds. Another big winner was Kenneth aka Tellytumby who bagged 2 wins and beating the Kelisas in both classes this time.

Ian in his Ford Focus Rally Car

Quite alot of people turned up to see the event. Even Mokhzani Mahathir showed up with his SuperCars, a Gallardo and a Zonda. A nice touch to the event and would have been better if they were displayed with the rest of the show cars in front of the tent. The event also had its share of dramas, 3-4 cars climbed the curb and 1 rogue car went the opposite direction of the track forcing the event to be stopped for a couple of minutes.

Overall the event was great! Can't wait to see what is in stored for 2008. Congratulations to all the winners and GREAT JOB to the organizers. A special special THANK YOU to my sifu Ivan for sharing his car.

some support from mah' Sweetie!

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