Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Suby's Back!

It feels nice to drive Suby once again. After roughly about 3 weeks in the shop, the boys worked on her new heart with priority. Now the problem with putting different version parts is you never know what might go wrong and I hope and pray nothing goes wrong. So far I've been driving her around and it's smooth sailing for now. The new EJ25 feels powerful even without boost but then again I have to run her in to at least 3000km before I can start pushing. But so far so good.

So last weekend I was down to see my 2 gals. I took the same Nice bus but decided to stop at the Duta toll cause Sweetie was on her way back. It was a first for me crossing from one end of the toll to the other. Kinda scary with all the cars coming up and passing by inches from your body. But I managed to get past in one piece. Took a slow drive through traffic back home and ordered dinner to be delivered. We also decided to give Zoey a fur cut and bath, which was interesting to do, having the buzz cutter is nice to use most of the time.

It was hard to believe but Sweetie never had a Christmas Tree before. I remember that I put the tree up at home every year. Ahh...maybe I'm just too lazy this year, but we got ourselves a small little tree and bought some decorations and lights. It's pweeety.

The rest of the weekend was spent with the gang and at the shop as I was stressing out with Suby having some issues before coming out of the shop. Plus I have to run in the car in time for GRA this coming weekend which will be held at Putrajaya main road. Yup different venue and location this time. But I don't think I'll be able to make enough trips to hit 3000km to run in the new heart. We'll see.

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