Sunday, July 06, 2008

Car Review : Nissan Sylphy

Here's a car that would have been overlooked had it not been for the recent fuel hike and with the 16km per liter sign on the test drive cars. Overall the car looks pretty sleek, although the design isn't as radical as the other 2 competitors, it does however look similar to the old Cefiro.

The simple and zen like design interior is easy on learn unlike the Accord that has an overload of buttons on the dashboard. All the other electronics that are pretty much standard on cars now days were found on this model, ABS, EBD, BA. I'm not going into details on those electronics because I didn't really have a chance to test them out.

I did however get the chance to test out the performance and I was pretty impressed with what the car had to offer smooth power with lots of control. I didn't think the drive by wire technology would be so responsive.

What really caught my attention is the price which was RM122k on the road, now that's impressive for a 4-cylinder, 2 liter, DOHC car.

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