Monday, July 28, 2008

Paul Van Dyk @ Zouk 26th Jully 2008

This would be the 2nd time we watched, listened and dance to PVD live! Nearly a year ago sweetie and I manage to get tickets and listen to him spin songs for 3 hours. Once again he didn't fail to impress us with his mixes.

We had company along this time, Rosie and Fiona. We've got to thank Rosie for her connections that got us a superb table right above the DJ booth. Fiona who is from England, enjoyed herself right after she got off the plane, not bad for a couple of hours in Malaysia.

There isn't much to describe, you'd have to be there to really experience it, enjoy some photos below.

This was the view from our table!

Sweetie & Me

Charlene, Fiona & Rosie

DJ Paul at the booth

Fireworks at the end...

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