Thursday, July 24, 2008

Movie : The Dark Knight

When I heard that this movie was good I was expecting top notch acting and action. Sweetie and I decided to catch the Midnight movie and it was definately worth every dollar. The movie was everything I expected and more, what's more? Well the storyline was excellent!
We were even more impressed with the actors, sweetie said that Christian Bale who takes the role as Batman seemed more "in-tune" with the character compared to the first movie and I agree with that. Heath Ledger who played Batman's most famous supervillan The Joker was superb! His acting skills are actually very very good, you'd never tell that it was him if you didn't read the credits, he was a true natural and portrayed the character so well.
A dEfiNaTe MuSt WatCh!
Andy's Movie-O-Meter : 10/10

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