Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MAM SIC Rally X Round 2 Tarmac

As usual it was a freakishly hot day in Sepang. Started the day around 7am buying some ice and drinks for my ice box. Upon arriving I saw some competitors setting up giant umbrellas and tents.

The event started after briefing and everyone was eager to start driving on the long, fast & slippery course. Talking about the course, it was really slippery everywhere due to the dust laying around, these car parks and back lanes aren't used very often. There were 2 cars that went off the road and into the surrounding fences that blocks off the helipad that is on top of the hill. Some familiar faces from GRA and other events were there.

I did finish 1st in my class. Fastest time of the day went to a tracked preped Honda Civic EG with a 1.8L engine. He was fast, really fast. I did have fun in a new course and experienced something different, I wouldn't mind taking part again later in the year.

Here are 2 videos:

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