Thursday, April 16, 2009

Photoshoot : Nissan Navara

4x4's don't really appeal to me just because they don't really fit my lifestyle. I don't use it for anything big or to transport anything heavy. But they are good to have, just in case you need something transported urgently. Ever since the Petrol hike last year I did pay more attention to them just because majority of them are running on Diesel fuel which was cheap at one point of time. I haven't had a lot of experience in driving these 4x4's but I have had a chance to drive them on an obstacle course designed just for them.

This time around I had the opportunity to test drive a Nissan Navara and this Mother Trucker is big!. First thing you'd notice is how big the interior space is, lots of leg room at the rear seats and plenty to adjust to in the front. On the outside the truck does look wide and long and it is larger compared to the other competitors. Nothing really special on the electronics, standard 4x4 control knob, radio, adjustable side mirrors. Although there were some things that did catch my attention, the HID head lamps and the adjustable head lamp heights.

2.5L Turbo Charged Diesel with Common Rail Direct Injection engine power outputs around 170bhp @ 4000rpm and 40kg/m torque @ 2000rpm!. Now that's what I call power!. The best part is that the stats on paper didn't dissapoint when I took it out for a spin. The torque and power really made the truck seem like I was driving a car. I didn't measure the fuel consumption but it did pretty well based on what I saw when I returned the car.

Inside, the comfort level was better than expected, seats were comfortable and the ride was just nice. Handling is responsive and precise for a huge truck. Lots of positive response from the rear passangers with the bigger leg room and more comfy ride.

Overall I must say that this Mother Trucker is an excellent work horse for the daily driver, I wouldn't mind one myself. So head on over to the nearest Nissan dealer to check it out!

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