Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Playstation 3

After all the time talking and waiting for one, finally...the PS3 has arrived! I must thank Sweetie for this because it is my birthday prezzie! Yes it's kinda early but I'm not complaining. We headed down to Digital Mall 19 'cause I found this to be the nearest shop listed on the Lowyat forum, upon checking out the mall we found out that the shop has a very nice boss named Reeve. He was attentive, professional and most of all helpful with his knowledge. The shop also offers game rentals, which is great!. Unfortunately the shop doesn't accept credit cards, I'm not sure if they are going to, but for the moment they don't have that service. Overall, one of the best services provided compared to other shops I've been to.

For more info on the shop goto :

FYI there are other shops in the same mall which are selling Consoles too but the service and people who attend to you aren't very friendly.

Unboxing the PS3


James Hong said...

450D, PS3.. too many toys for you, KowBoy!!

Andy Kow said... is to get Rock Band 2, then Steering wheel, then lenses...die die die, boh lui liao :(

James Hong said...

for camera stuff, you'd prolly need a speedlite flash, EF-S 17-55IS F2.8 and a telephoto zoom.. hahah then sell me the 450D cheap cheap when you wanna upgrade the body :)

EdwinKST said...

This James Hong speaks the truth, you too many toys d. Im coming to take some off ya soon nuff'

= )

Andy Kow said...

Why aren't you venturing into photography? Quite a few of our TBS ppl are experts in the field :)

Come get it, not sure if I have the time or the opportunity to play :D

James Hong said...

haha would definitely want to take up photography.. just that I don't have the moolah for a SLR system. Like you, I'm eyeing for Canon, like a 450D or 40D and 10-22, 17-55 and 70-200 F4L IS.. and these cost a fortune! :) Nah, too expensive for a hobby and too lazy to make money out of it

Oh and if your brother don't wanna play the PS3, I'll be glad to look after it for you ;p