Thursday, May 25, 2006

another rear end....collission

Proton vs Perodua

While I was just rolling the car to a stop for a traffic light just in front of Turf Club along Scotland Road I was rear ended by a Proton Wira! I was like...damn, not again. So I got down and talked to the other guy who was rather nice, he apologized and all. After assessing the damage we moved to the side of the road so we didn't block other motorist.

Also after taking down the details and deciding what to do, which was to make a police report and all so he can claim the repairs from the insurance. After the incident I had to make my way to Gurney Plaza to meet up with Andrew to watch X-Men 2.

Arrived at Dato Kramat Police HQ to make my report. I've got to say that I wasan't really impressed by the system they had there. But the officers are friendly compared to the ones in Balik Pulau. But people are people, they have their own moods. After completing my report I was redirected to meet a Sargent upstairs but he wasan't in the office!

So since he wasan't there I went outside when I met the guy who rear ended me. He was told to come back at this time to take photos of his car. Lucky thing the camera guy was around and he took photos of both our cars. Guess I'll have to come back tomorrow to talk to the Sargent.

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