Saturday, May 13, 2006

Love, Lies and Trust + confusion?

How does someone define trust? How would you trust someone?

Anyone could say something and not mean it. Look around and tell me how many people are truly Honest! I'm know what's going through your mind "Yea but Andy...." before you continue forward, yes everyone tells lies from time to time. But those are just small things, like keeping a secret for a surprise birthday party and all that. I call that casual lying.

But what about love? Does love strengthen the trust between 2 people? Casual lying would definitely occur in any relationship. Like arguments, definitely something that is indeed included in the L.O.V.E business. Like I said casual lying is ok, but lying to someone you supposedly love about where you are going and where you will be is just, to me, unacceptable. Especially if that someone has a date with someone else! I makes me mad sometimes seeing that happen and not being able to do anything about it. But it ain't my life, I wouldn't want to intervene or be involved in that situation. It also makes me curious, to wonder what that person is thinking at that moment? If you love someone so much, would you give up everything to get another person to love you? If they already have problems, can't they work it out? Now I'm starting the "IF" and "What IF" questioning. These 2 words in a question is very very subjective, "what if I did that would it have made a difference?". "What if i said that? what would happen?" and it goes on.

Then there is going to be confusion where it messes with your head and jumbles your thoughts. Unconsciously it drives you mad with thinking about everything! But 10% percent of the time it would make sense the other 90% wanders off and does ALOT of thinking.

So what is LOVE? Learning On Exprience Virtually? LoL. My mind wanders off into the distance trying to figure out what is it that truly makes that someone special. Definitions and what becomes of all those feeling that you would have for someone. Now I'm talking gibberish.

It is all but a dream

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