Monday, May 22, 2006

Autocross - FTS Round 2 Kg. Gajah

The day started :

Met up with the gang and planned our convoy trip to Kg Gajah. Then I noticed I miscalculated the petrol in my gas tank. Oops. So I made a stop in Bukit Merah for a quick splash and dash.

I must say that driving in a group is fun. I love the saftey challenge it has. Plus we get to play with our walkie talkies.

Arrived in Sg Perak. We decided to take a break from the drive for a drink and some snacks.

Made a move and headed for the next quick stop at Simpang Pulai exit. Then more driving through kampung roads where we saw a pack of bulls crossing the road, woha that isn't something you see everday.

Finally arrived. The track is located at such a remote area I wouldn't have a clue how to get there if I drove alone!

9:00am - 4:00pm
Free Practice started and we all took the chance to run around the track trying out the plotted course.

See the results in the photo above.

Boon, Xarrax and Me decided to leave early, we didn't bother to wait for the prize giving. I kinda hated the journey cause it takes so long to get to the highway!

I think we arrived in Penang around this time. I was dead tired. Took a shower and ate McD for supper and went to bed maybe around 11pm.

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