Monday, November 27, 2006

Longest Bus Ride

Last Friday I decided to take a bus to KL to collect my car which Ivan borrowed for a week. Everything went well throughout the day and I got on the bus on time and relaxed. The bus I took was Konsortium Snoozer which is pretty cozy and cheap too. The best part is it came with your own personal 10" LCD TV which is mounted behind the front seat. It had quite a collection of songs and movies.

The bus finally moved around 3pm, then as usual there was a little traffic. But that's when things got well pretty intresting, I noticed that we haven't moved in 15 mins. We were stuck in a jam! It was caused by a trailer which toppled on the bridge.

3 hours later we got moving again. During that 3 hours I managed to finish 1 movie and sleep. But throughout the entire trip I watched 3 movies.
I must say all 3 movies were entertaining but the Constant Garderner is well just so so.

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