Wednesday, November 01, 2006

one of those days

Even if you try your hardest, sometimes you just can't avoid those bad days that come along to spoil everything.

Woke up a little late and rushed to the office only to be 5 mins late. Then I get this crappy call from this lady who keeps complaining about how there are no service centers in their local area. Well after 25 mins or chatter and troubleshooting I just kinda got annoyed with her and decided to do whatever is necessary to get her off the line. I won't go into detail on this because its gonna be kinda boring.

Anyways later on, I had a visitor at my cube so I just helped out and chat for like 4 mins, let me add that I didn't take any breaks since I started. Plus I had a genuine problem that needed some thinking so I could sort out the problem. Well people in the office sometimes just don't really know what it's like...the job that I am suppose to do and additional roles I play.

But after a while I just sat down and closed my eyes. Imagining driving through the winding roads of Japan and passing by the town that has Sakura blooming. The rest of the day went along well, thank you very much.


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Withered Rose said...

sometimes u r allowed to be a lil 'bitchy' to make it clear to the rest tht u r of those days...but of course dun go throwing a bitchfit.