Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mulittasking = Disabled

It seems that my job is getting a little more hectic compared to a few months back. I guess it's because of the new boss that is heading the teams. From the looks of it, the Team Leaders are trying to impress him by getting his requests done. But management data is one thing and Human work ethics is another.

If we work faster to fufill the Measurments then human errors might occur. Not everyone can multitask like some special few, and I salute those who are mulitask enabled. If they keep pushing like this it'll not only effect the quality of the job but it also risks the entire group since we're all under one umbrella.

Don't get me wrong I look at this as a challenge but I'm just off my game lately. Must be the holiday season which is coming up. 1 whole week away from work like last year. Guess I'll just stick to Malaysian soil this year.

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