Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Feeling a little pissed and annoyed

I don't like getting angry or pissed at anything lately. It causes other bad bad side effects. But sometimes you just can't ignore that even if you try hard enough.

I'm gonna speak my mind out about some people who are just inconsiderate asses. It's bad enough that we have those kind of people in the world but to have them in the office envrioment and in the same workplace is dreadful. It makes me sick that some people just don't know how to communicate. A simple meeting would resolve issues but I guess some people just feel that nobody listens to them. Jesus!! Get it in you head that everyone around you would be more than willing to help out even it you're wrong. No one is goin to lable you if you do something and learn from it. You only get labeled if you DON'T talk about it, dammit.

Plus if you've got a goddamn task to handle TAKE FULL OWNERSHIP!! Don't just do what you're told to. 'Cause you're the freakin' leader of that task. Then you'd have the time to talk behind people's back and say what you're suppose to say when you are actually asked face to face.

I'm just sick of this. All the attitude but for the wrong reasons.

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