Monday, June 11, 2007

KL Trip June 2007 - UVNation Rave

There it was, a notification by my good ol' fren Peng Ngun. "Benny Benassi is comin' to KL" i got from an MSN message in the office. Woha I thought to myself, just as I am in KL getting ready for GRA Round 1. My mind was racing through the thoughts of a rave party in KL, location was in 1-Utama parking lot. Then I started to calculate my budget to come back to KL by bus, not too bad I thought to myself. Lol.

I started to spread the news around to a few people who would be interested. But only Rosie sis said yes and decided to tag along. Sadly other people already had plans or don't have the budget to make a trip down. I was only interested in seeing and listening to Benny spin songs and boy was he good, although he didn't play his famous Satisfaction in it's original form it was still enjoyable.

Actually I was kinda disappointed with how the management arranged the entrance and drinks. Total HAVOC! There was so many people, I'm taking a wild guess but I think there was at least 5000 people at the car park alone!. The ground actually stated shaking like a small earthquake when the music started and every time it slowed down everyone wanted more from Benny. His mixes were just nice for the occasion. The build up to the songs he play was good too, total time he was on stage, 3 hours. Think we all stood and danced for at least 4 hours before we decided to leave. It was hot and stuffy, lucky we actually found a good place to stand where there was air and a pretty good view of the large screens.

We ended the day watching F1 Qualifying at a mamak and a round of BF2 at the cybercafe. Talk about total exhaustion I was out like a light the moment I hit the bed. It was my 2nd rave so far and it's the best so far. I hope to catch Tiesto or Paul Van Dyk in the near future if they do come.

All good things must come to an end. Ended the weekend with a good bowl of Bak Kut Teh at Ah Sang's. Yum.

Special thanks to Ivan for accommodations, Nigel & Wee Sen for the transportation, Rosie-Sis, Ian, JianNin, Kenneth, Mary, Alex, Hock, Kisume(nickname) for the company. If I missed out anyone, my deepest apologies. Thanks All.


~nigel~ said...

it's Wee Sen


Withered Rose said...

fuyoh!!..who's that uber hot chick with u?kahkahkah
(refer to 1st top left pict)