Monday, June 25, 2007

Assumption is a very powerful Weapon..ya know

Is it hard to accept 2 people, a gal and a guy being close friends and having no sparks flying around?

Apparently there are lots of people who are assuming that I am already with someone or getting together with someone. Yes I've been hangin' out with Rosie Sis alot, but that's about it. There ain't anything happening apart from that. Thus the reason we went with the God Bro/Sis pact. We like our relationship as bro and sis, plus there isn't any romance in the air, but if there were any we'd know more about that than most people would rite? We've been through tough times and we helped each other out with moral support. I appreciate what she's done and I am just repaying that kindness with mine.

There have been times where our own hang out gang started asking questions about us and what's going on and all. Doesn't really bother me but after getting asked the same question several times and having to give the same answer over and over again, it's getting annoying and a little tiring. Believe me, I'm not pissed or angry or anything like that.

I'm just making it clear that I'm still single, available and enjoying life to the full extent of my abilities. Hope that made it a little clear.



Peng Ngun said...

Lolz, aiyo dude there's no need for you to inform the public.. although i understand it's been irritating having to repeat yourself everytime people asks. Remember my 'creative response'? i still think it's a good one and rosie would be laughing her arse off. To look at the bright side, you know people who asked you are the ones who care about you, or they are just plain kaypohchee :) Anyways good to hear you're enjoying life single, it's liberating and it's one less problem for you to worry about :p

Withered Rose said...

actually peng ngun, i think u came up with a few lines tht nite tht were usable and sure to kick ass, but cant remember liao!

Andy Kow said...

thanks bro. yea u sure came up with good lines. lol.