Monday, June 04, 2007

GRA Round 1 2007

All started when I took leave on Thursday and Friday hoping to get Suby fixed in time for the event. But alas the problem would require more time and we decided not to fix it and continue for the event. Suby will remain in KL till the workshop can sort out the issue.

Sunday 3rd June 2007
I got up around 10am when Ivan wanted to go for brunch just before heading to Shah Alam. Bak Kut Teh was on the menu, for some reason the bak kut teh in KL is excellent, it's tastier. Then we headed to the event around 11am and chit chat with friends and watched the Grass Class running through the course. Lots of new faces in the Grass Class this time since the new format was enforced. Previous winners and modified cars are in the Pro Grass/Open Class categories. Lots of familiar faces here. LoL.

The event started out with driver briefing followed by a course walk. Everyone was given 1 practice run and everyone took it a little easy to get the feel of the course. Then we were given 3 timed runs and everyone was very eager to get an extra 4th run and by popular vote the Clerk Of Course (Ian) gave the green light for a 4th run.

Surprisingly the event went smoothly with only minor glitches. Overall it was the most organized event I've taken part in. Drivers were actually seeded accordingly so that made things easier when it came to lining up the cars.

I finished in 12th position and had lots of fun! I tried lots of new stuff with the car and was feeling pretty good even though I made mistakes here and there. Oh well, now I know what to expect from future events and how to prepare for them. Almost everything is a new experience for me in the Suby. I'm hoping everything will be sorted out so I can practice more and improve.

BIG THANKS to IAN, JIANNIN, IVAN, KENNETH & NIGEL. Without them my experience in KL would be less meaningful. :)

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