Tuesday, June 12, 2007

...a MisCommunication....

When I woke up it was around 8am. Surprisingly I was up and fresh, maybe its the extra hours of sleep that I had. I had a schedule for training in Inti College, so I made my way on time to the training center and to my surprise I was the first person there. Then about 10 minutes later another guy came in.

Then the trainer gave us the list of people attending.....4 in total. What??? Only 4 people, the class was set up for at least 10 people. So another 45 minutes passed, the trainer decided to start a little talking about himself and his experiences. We got news from another guy that this class is to be canceled. Apparently there was a slight miscommunication with management.

Aaawww....crap. Just as I was going to enjoy 2 days of training. So I decided to head back to
work. Lol. I hope this doesn't happen again. eh.

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