Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Party @ QEII

I was invited to a birthday party by one of my colleagues from another department. He booked tables at this new Pub/Club place at the Jetty. Lots of people from work turned up and most of them from sales. Good opportunity for me to mingle with the sales people for easy communication when needed. Finally met some people who I've been in contact through MSN and Mail but never face to face. It's weird, we all work in the same office but have never seen each other before but I think that happens everywhere.
Now the new Pub/Club is excellent. There is fine dining and the food is kinda expensive, but the envrioment is excellent. For those of you who have been to BED which is another pub in PG, it has similar interior design but bigger.

What actually made the whole experience excellent was the music! My hats of to the DJ who was spinning some funky tunes that were suitable for dinner time and as the night got hotter the music slowly progressed from funk to house to trance and the momentum builded gradualy. Finally a DJ who dosen't use HIP HOP in PG! I think hip hop music is OVERused up here on the island. The club was packed and it was really interesting to see some hot chicks around.
To the KL gang. I'll definately bring all of you to this Club ;)

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Peng Ngun said...

It's a fantastic place innit? Simply love the groovy chillout, jazz funk and acid jazz flava.. very jamiroquai-esque.. I heard from Mahen the DJ played progressive house/trance numbers later that night, is it true?

It's a shame there weren't any dancefloor. Guess the yuppies are to posh to sweat eh?