Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hook ups and Break ups

Lately some close friends have hooked up and decided to start a relationship and sadly I also know some who have broken up.

Life is Bitter ain't it. But I'm glad that the ones that have hooked up are happy now and for the ones that have broken up, I'm grateful they didn't do anything stoopid!

To the fallen solider:
Everyone goes through life the same way, there are ups and downs. That's what friends are for, hang out with everyone you know that can have fun or cheer you up. No point feeling down although I know it's gonna be tough, but you got to fight it because living life is what keeps us all going and moving forward. Happiness comes at a price.

To the happy couples:
Life might be rainbow and butterflies now but it takes communication to keep the ship sailing. Believe me, communication & trust is most important in any relationship.

Whatever it is, I wish everyone good luck! and keep in touch.


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