Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lexus LS460L

If there is a compact limo then the Lexus LS460L is one of the best. I had a chance to actually see, touch, smell, feel, sit and although I didn't drive it I was driven in it! Thanks to Ivan for taking Tigel and Me out for a short joy ride.

Here's what I noticed first, the driver who has the key doesn't even have to take it out of his/her pocket. The car and the key has a proximity sensor which senses if the driver is close by and unlocks the doors and opens the side mirrors. So like any driver you'd get in the car and sit down. Instead of looking for a keyhole you'd only see a round button which clearly states START/STOP. All you'd have to do is press the button and the car starts up and the seat aligns itself to the previous use according to the key's memory. Although this technology isn't that new, it's the first time I'm seeing it in action. Inside the car, the dashboard looks sleek, console looks simple enough to understand after a few rides. The touch screen panel at the center console is excellent! Controls everything in the car and best of all it's a TOUCH SCREEN. On the roof is a Sun roof, definitely good for a nice sunny day.

The engine purrs softly and you can hardly hear it. It's so quiet that you'd wonder if the car was already running.

The left passenger side is where the boss should be sitting, the chair has a massage function with several types of settings. The chair can also be reclined back to a more comfy position if you need to sleep. There is even a leg rest that can come up with a flick of a button.

4.6 liter V8, Electronic 8 speed gearbox 50.6 kg-m torque and 380 horsepower. Those numbers would be the most important thing you'd be looking at if you are going through the catalog. The car is huge and the power is just excellent. Although I didn't drive the car, being a passenger was a good feeling, the sound of the V8 was just a slight rumble. Goes to show the sound proofing in the car.

Alas I didn't have a chance to take a photo with the car. Makes me wanna buy a small digital camera around.

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