Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On Friendship

To my friends, I'm a little confused. Sitting here wondering why a certain few events that have occurred over a span of a few weeks seem to have had a major impact on how we see things. I'm sadden and a little angry regarding the whole matter. Mostly sad over it all.

Most of us don't know the true VALUE of friendship and how it's viewed by others but then again some of us understands what it all means. Here's what I think if most important.

COMMUNICATION is a necessity, a double edged blade. Friends will remain friends, through thick or thin. Things can be discussed and issues can be resolved with proper communication. But what you say or do has to be at the correct time and for the correct purpose. Misunderstandings occur more than you think, especially in a group of people who can actually chat about anything in life. Even the smallest match could start a fire, even if the logs are wet.

RESPECT is definately important, to me it's one of the important pillars within friends. We have to understand that what you think is funny does NOT apply to others. Everyone has their private lifes that would want to be kept hidden from the outside world.

TRUST is the most important part of being friends. Without trust, there is nothing left. Believe me it's not easy gaining this from friends. Breaking that trust once is more than enough to send shockwaves in the near future.

Well what I'm trying to say is. We've all got Communicate, Respect & Trust each other, as friends we'll definately pull through eventhough it's tough. I'm starting to sound like I'm preaching or something. Oh My Gawd!

Cheers to everyone! I'm glad to have everyone of you as friends. I love ya'll!

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Ros said...

when someone preaches, he/she is trying to send an important message, a message that will have a profound impact to its listeners...i think what u have said does mean something and i hope we all learned something from it.