Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hiking Session

Here we were at Youth Park getting ready for the hike up to the top which usually takes around 20 mins. As usual we started late and it was a pretty good hike with 3-4 stops for Gladys to take a breather. It's funny, she's the one who organized this hike....we were kinda shocked...because...knowing her the only form of exercise is shopping non-stop. LoL. Surprisingly the path was cooling, usually it's more humid and hot. The view was nice, but you could see the haze around. It wasn't very crowded either, maybe because it's Hump day.

Overall the whole trip was good, took us around 1 hour plus to complete the hike. Then we decided to head nearby to drink some coconut juice.

*thanks to Jack for the photos

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Ros said...

kennot contain laughter!!