Monday, October 08, 2007

lazy weekend in KayEL

I got a surprise on Thursday evening when Sweetie decided to drive up and have a longer weekend with me. I was scheduled to go down to KL to see her,'re so sweet gal. So I had to work on Friday and we went for lunch together with the usual suspects I go lunch with, Gladys, Stanley and Rosie.

After work which was around 3pm everyone gathered at my house and we got moving heading to KL around 4+. Jack was also going back so Rosie jumped into his car for a more comfy ride. The drive was pretty smooth with quite alot of traffic, at least some of parts of the highway is done up so the drive was pretty good. Jack took the opportunity to shoot some photos while he was driving! haha. So we arrived in KL around dinner time where we met up with Tigela and had dinner at Ms Reed. Not a bad place to have dinner, it's quite cozy and the price is pretty standard too. I had the Lasagna, sweetie had the mushroom spaghetti, Rosie had some sorta spaghetti too and Tigela had some rice curry chicken dish. For desert we had a Choc ice cream thing which i forgot what it's called. Decided to call it a night and cuddle.

The following afternoon sweetie took to have KL laksa. Yum!. The laksa wasn't too bad the soup was good but the noodles wasn't soft enough. We also ordered Curry Kapitan with a couple of Mantao's. Caught a movie at Cineleisure before we headed to Ikano to have a walk around and shopped around for Crocs slippers but didn't get any cause it is kinda expensive. Instead we bought a bottle of tequila and a bottle of Cockburn's. For dinner we joined the gang at Asia Cafe and then headed home for a few shots of tequila before we dozed off.

On Sunday we decided to join Ros and Tigela for lunch and headed to Bangsar and ate at Madam Kwan's. Food was pretty good, I had the Nasi Lemak special and i got to admit that it's good. But I liked my drink, Lemon, Lime mix! Wheee! Walked around the new Bangsar Village mall before heading home to pack. Went over to see Ivan for a while before heading to the Air Port. I booked a flight with Air Asia and it was delayed, but it was ok, i get to see sweetie a little longer.

A lazy but good weekend indeed.

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